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Rehab Centers provide an essential service to people struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. With the help of an inpatient addiction treatment center, people with a substance abuse addiction can receive medically supervised treatment in a controlled setting, helping them cure their addiction once and for all. There are multiple types of rehab centers that you can find on that provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and they include inpatient drug rehabs, inpatient alcohol rehab centers, long-term rehab centers, short-term rehab centers and luxury rehab centers. Please use our search box at the top of the page, or find a rehab centers by browsing our nationwide directory below.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Inpatient drug rehab centers provide drug addiction treatment for all types of drug addiction that includes cocaine, meth, LSD, heroin and other opioids. Because withdrawal from a drug addiction can be not only dangerous but deadly, inpatient drug rehabs provide a medically overseen inpatient drug detox first before beginning the rest of their drug addiction treatment.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers

In-patient alcohol rehab centers typically provide both alcohol and drug addiction treatment, although there are some rehabs that only do alcohol rehabilitation. Medical alcohol detox is part of the residential alcohol addiction treatment program, followed by a number of therapies and services aimed at helping to build good habits and get to the bottom of the alcohol addiction.

Long Term Rehab Centers

A long-term rehab center is considered long term when the drug or alcohol treatment program lasts at least 60 days. The programs can vary in length from 60 to 9 and one year or longer. Inpatient rehab centers that provide long term residential treatment are extremely successful because they allow people struggling with the addiction to build healthy habits and forget their old habits that have led them to abuse alcohol or drugs in the past.

Short Term Rehab Centers

A short-term rehab center that treats drug or alcohol addiction is a rehab that offers a 30 day, or sometimes a shorter addiction treatment program. 30 day inpatient rehabs are often sufficient to treat most drug and alcohol addictions, so they are a very popular option for substance abuse treatment.

Luxury Rehab Centers

Perhaps the most exclusive addiction treatment option from all that are available, luxury rehabs provide the utmost care and services to addicts who have the budget to treat their addiction in a luxurious setting. These inpatient rehabs often use a holistic treatment approach in addition to medication assisted rehab, using all of the latest therapies available for addiction treatment. Moreover, luxury rehab centers have a very low staff-to-resident ratio, giving much more individual attention to each person that is undergoing addiction treatment.

Niche-Specific Rehab Centers

There are also some rehab centers that cater only to specific groups of people. For example, parents of teenagers who have a drug or alcohol addiction problem may feel extremely uncomfortable having their children receive addiction treatment in a rehab facility that also treats adults. As such, there are rehab centers specifically created for treating addiction in teenagers. In addition, some rehabs may only treat teenage girls or teenage boys, while others may only treat adult men or adult women. Similarly, there are rehab centers that may treat pregnant women or those who have recently given birth, as well as rehabs that provide treatment to LGBT, senior citizens and couples. There are also rehab centers that use a faith-based approach to treatment, and may cater to Catholics, Christians or Jewish people. Whatever rehab center you may need, use our directory of all inpatient, residential rehab centers below to find one near you.