Rehab Centers in Idaho

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Idaho

On this page you can find all inpatient rehab centers in Idaho. This list includes Idaho drug rehab and residential alcohol rehab centers in Idaho that provide substance abuse treatment. Rehab Centers in ID come in the form of luxury rehabs, couple rehabs, men only, women only, rehabs for teens and other in-patient addiction treatment.

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20 Best Rehab Centers in Idaho

Port Of Hope Centers Inc - Boise, ID

Port Of Hope Centers Inc is a drug and alcohol rehab in Boise, Idaho, 83704 zip code.

Address: 7360 West Bethel Street, Boise, ID 83704 in Ada County


  • Residential addiction treatment
  • Provides payment assistance
  • Accepts Federal funding
  • Help with transportation, case managers and addiction intervention
  • Relapse prevention treatment, motivational interviewing and 12 step rehabilitation
  • 90 day inpatient rehab program, residential rehab and outpatient rehab services
(888) 230-7667

Rainbows End Recovery Center Llc - Challis, ID

Rainbows End Recovery Center Llc is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Challis, Idaho, 83226 zip code.

Address: 25341 Highway 93, Challis, ID 83226 in Custer County


  • Inpatient alcohol detox, inpatient cocaine detoxification and inpatient opioid detoxification
  • Peer support, mental health services and self-help groups
  • 30 day rehab program, regular outpatient treatment and IOT
  • Dialectical behavior therapy, relapse prevention and CBT
  • Accepts Military insurance
  • People with trauma, domestic violence victims and sexual abuse victims
  • Inpatient treatment for dual diagnosis
(877) 989-9589

Bell Chem Dependency Counseling Inc Harmony House - Meridian, ID

Bell Chem Dependency Counseling Inc Harmony House is a drug and alcohol rehab in Meridian, Idaho, 83642 zip code.

Address: 4615 South Locust Grove, Meridian, ID 83642 in Ada County


  • Self help meetings, sober housing services and social skills training
  • Substance use counseling approach, rational emotive behavioral therapy and brief intervention
  • Inpatient dual diagnosis treatment
  • Inpatient rehab for teenagers, sexual abuse victims and people with trauma
  • 60 and 90 day rehab program and long-term rehab
  • Accepts self payment and cash
(888) 433-4419

Moonlight Mountain Recovery Inc - Pocatello, ID

Moonlight Mountain Recovery Inc is a drug and alcohol rehab in Pocatello, Idaho, 83201 zip code.

Address: 5230 West Moonlight Mine Road, Pocatello, ID 83201 in Bannock County


  • Outpatient day treatment, residential detoxification and 30 day rehab program
  • Domestic violence services, mental health services and recovery management
  • Inpatient detox
  • Motivational interviewing, substance use counseling approach and 12-step rehab
  • Accepts private health insurance
  • In-patient rehab for adult men, sexual abuse victims and residential rehab for adult women
  • Inpatient opioid detoxification and residential benzodiazepines detoxification
  • Provides payment assistance
(888) 688-1906

Mk Place Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center - Pocatello, ID

Mk Place Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehab in Pocatello, ID, 83201 zip code.

Address: 110 South 19th Avenue, Pocatello, ID 83201 in Bannock County


  • Relapse prevention treatment, matrix model and motivational interviewing
  • Sexual abuse victims, judicial clients and people with trauma
  • Accepts private health insurance
  • Residential drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  • Long term residential rehab, regular outpatient treatment and long term rehab program
  • Mental health services, peer support and social skills development
(888) 336-6924

Port Of Hope Centers Inc Nampa Treatment Center - Nampa, ID

Port Of Hope Centers Inc Nampa Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehab in Nampa, Idaho, 83686 zip code.

Address: 508 East Florida Avenue, Nampa, ID 83686 in Canyon County


  • Inpatient cocaine detoxification, inpatient alcohol detoxification and methamphetamines detox
  • 12 step rehabilitation, counseling for trauma victims and motivational interviewing
  • Recovery training, mentoring and recovery management
  • Residential detox, 30 day inpatient rehab programs and regular outpatient treatment
  • Residential rehab for adult women, co-occurring addiction and mental health treatment and in-patient rehab for adult males
  • Inpatient detoxification
  • Accepts Tribal/Urban/IHS funding
(888) 230-7667

Walker Center - Gooding, ID

Walker Center is an alcohol and drug rehab in Gooding, ID, 83330 zip code.

Address: 605 11th Avenue East, Gooding, ID 83330 in Gooding County


  • Inpatient opioid detox, inpatient alcohol detox and methamphetamines detox
  • Help with transportation, sober housing services and mental health services
  • Accepts self payment and cash
  • Motivational interviewing, brief intervention services and motivational incentives
  • Active duty military, dual diagnosis treatment and residential rehab for adult women
  • Long-term rehab, 30 day inpatient rehab programs and residential detox
  • Residential treatment for substance abuse
(877) 989-9589

Port Of Hope Centers Inc Outpatient - Coeur d Alene, ID

Port Of Hope Centers Inc Outpatient is an alcohol and drug rehab center in Coeur D Alene, ID, 83814 zip code.

Address: 218 North 23rd Street, Coeur d Alene, ID 83814 in Kootenai County


  • Matrix model, substance use counseling approach and DBT
  • Sliding fee scale
  • Inpatient detox
  • Sober housing services, case management and help with transportation
  • Accepts self payment and cash
  • In-patient methamphetamines detoxification, inpatient opioid detoxification and cocaine detox
  • Residential detoxification, residential rehab program and long-term residential rehab
(888) 433-4419

Stewards Of Recovery - Idaho Falls, ID

Stewards Of Recovery is an alcohol and drug rehab center in Idaho Falls, ID, 83402 zip code.

Address: 163 East Elva Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 in Bonneville County


  • Mentoring, recovery training and self help meetings
  • Rehab for pregnant and postpartum women, dual diagnosis treatment and residential rehab for adult women
  • Matrix model, community reinforcement and dialectical behavior therapy
  • Sliding fee scale
  • In-patient methamphetamines detoxification, inpatient opioid detoxification and inpatient cocaine detoxification
  • Accepts Military insurance
  • Residential addiction treatment
  • 90 day inpatient rehab program, long-term rehab and regular outpatient treatment
(888) 688-1906

Locate Rehabs in Idaho by Your City or County:

Roughly 12% of the population in Idaho use illegal drugs and 4.62% suffer from alcoholism in a year. If you or a loved one is part of this statistics, helpful treatment can be accessed in the state with well-equipped inpatient rehab centers. Idaho has a higher rate of alcohol and drug abuse-related deaths than the national average in recent years which makes it imperative for the problem to be addressed.

Drug addiction is never an easy battle. It messes with the body and can cause adverse effects on relationships. Addiction not only makes victims lose control over consumption of certain substances but also affects their health and family life.

In a way, addiction totally disrupts a person’s life and future with a sense of hopelessness and fear of being unable to overcome it. In most cases, people who try to go cold turkey independently at home without any expert care or supervision not only experience withdrawal symptoms but also relapse into the habit because of exposure to many external triggers.

Hence, it makes good sense to commit a victim to an Inpatient Rehab Center where the patient can be treated professionally. There are various Rehab Centers in Idaho that could provide the necessary care and treatment to residents who are deep into this destructive condition.

Here, we’ve put together all the relevant information about these addiction rehabilitation services including services, amenities, and cost. 

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers in Idaho

Inpatient treatments have the highest rates for successful rehabilitation. The duration for such treatment regimens generally vary from 28 days to 6 months. Thus, they are best suited for those who seek to completely immerse themselves in the treatment process on a full time basis.

Aside from Idaho residents, those seeking to travel for rehabilitation or those wishing to spend time away from their social circle can also benefit well from an inpatient setting. An inpatient receives 24-hour supervision in a secure environment with professional medical staff and state-of-the-art treatments. An Inpatient Rehab Center also offers behavioral therapies.

Peer groups are also available to develop a sense of connection and build an ecosystem of mutual inspiration. Facilities may also allow for family visits as part of the patient’s support system.

Across Idaho, the number of people caught with heroin double every year in some cities. For example, Boise made 10 arrests for heroin possession in one year. Next year, that number increased to 25 and by the year after that, that number grew to 43 arrests. As a result, there is an increasing number of Idaho residents seeking treatment in Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers. As of data available from a few years ago, more than 6,500 individuals were enrolled in substance abuse treatment in one day.

Abuse of the following substances are commonly treated in Idaho rehab facilities:

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers in Idaho

Alcohol is a legal substance that lowers anxiety and inhibitions. Its consumption is part of many cultures and is often considered as a social activity. However, alcohol has a lot of side effects when consumed in excessive amounts. Frequent intoxication can negatively impact the central nervous system which causes loss of coordination in the limbs, slurred speech, etc.

Quitting cold turkey may be an option but can be very challenging and dangerous to some degree. Many alcoholics experience severe withdrawal symptoms including insomnia, irritability, nausea and vomiting, shaking and tremors, sweating and hallucinations. And so it is advised to seek help in an inpatient rehab center where programs are designed to address the abuse problem.

One of the benefits of getting a detox within an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab center is that it provides legitimate access to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications to offset the side effects of withdrawal under professional care.

Even post-treatment, there are various programs conducted by the facility to help their patients beyond physical and psychological care like probing into the underlying cause of the addiction and exploring a holistic approach to maintaining sobriety. Patients are encouraged to participate and become part of various self-help groups like the ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ where members share their journey to recovery - experiences, what led to their addiction and what practices helped them recover from it.