Rehab Centers in Delaware

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Delaware

On this page you can find all inpatient rehab centers in Delaware. This list includes Delaware drug rehab and residential alcohol rehab centers in Delaware that provide substance abuse treatment. Rehab Centers in DE come in the form of luxury rehabs, couple rehabs, men only, women only, rehabs for teens and other in-patient addiction treatment.

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20 Best Rehab Centers in Delaware

Gaudenzia Inc New Journey - Ellendale, DE

Gaudenzia Inc New Journey is an alcohol and drug rehab center in Ellendale, DE, 19941 zip code.

Address: 18514 Pentecostal Street, Ellendale, DE 19941 in Sussex County


  • Motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and anger management
  • In-patient rehab for adult men, residential rehab for adult women and co-occurring addiction and mental health treatment
  • Case management, social skills development and help with transportation
  • Accepts Federal funding
  • Residential drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  • Residential long term rehab and long-term rehab
(888) 672-7192

Connections Csp Inc Womens Residential Treatment Center - Wilmington, DE

Connections Csp Inc Womens Residential Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington, Delaware, 19802 zip code.

Address: 1121 Brandywine Street, Wilmington, DE 19802 in New Castle County


  • Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine/naltrexone treatment, regular outpatient treatment and intensive outpatient addiction treatment
  • Co-occurring substance abuse plus pain treatment, people with trauma and rehab for pregnant women
  • Domestic violence services, recovery training and HIV early intervention
  • Accepts Medicaid
  • Sober living
  • Community reinforcement, motivational interviewing and 12-step rehab
(855) 489-3619

Connections Csp Inc Mens Residential Treatment Program - Harrington, DE

Connections Csp Inc Mens Residential Treatment Program is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Harrington, DE, 19952 zip code.

Address: 1-11 East Street, Harrington, DE 19952 in Kent County


  • Accepts Medicare
  • Relapse prevention treatment, DBT and community reinforcement
  • Transitional housing
  • Self help meetings, transportation assistance and sober housing services
  • People with trauma, co-occurring substance abuse plus pain treatment and judicial clients
  • Long term rehab program and one year and 90 days rehab program
(877) 539-5579
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Everyday across Delaware there are people checking themselves into what is known as inpatient rehab. It differs from other programs in the way that it handles specialized care, therapy, medication and more. But one thing is clear: people that use these Delaware services are setting themselves up for a path of recovery. Studies have shown that those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and utilize these services over people who suffer from addiction and don't are far more likely to reach recovery and stay in recovery. This is because there have been years of scientific analysis, trial and error, along with discoveries each and every day that has set Delaware up to be one of the most successful states when it comes to providing inpatient care to those suffering from addiction.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Delaware

What inpatient drug rehabs provide across the state of Delaware are long-term services that provide care for not only the most dangerous and addictive drugs that are out on the street, but these centers also provide care for things like alcohol addiction, love addiction, gambling addiction, behavioral issues and so much more. You can look at Delaware inpatient rehab centers as to what hospitals are to those that are sick except with this type of hospital, you are getting a whole lot more in the package.

A lot of people who aren't familiar with the rehab system have many preconceived notions that are contrary to the way things are actually run. It's an understandable thing given the nature of the way rehabs have been portrayed over the years. For the most part they are reserved for primetime news fodder and celebrity gossip pages. But when it comes down to the real cold-hard facts about what rehabs are really like, most people just don't know. For example, there are many amenities available to those who are considering long-term inpatient rehab in Delaware. One of those amenities is pet-friendly rehabs. What this means is that if you opt to join one of Delaware's inpatient rehab programs and it happens to be pet-friendly then you'll be allowed to bring your little best friend with you.

Another amenity that often flies under the radar are faith-oriented drug rehabs and alcohol rehab centers. What this means is that if you classify yourself as a Christian for example, and don't want to sacrifice your Christian lifestyle on your road to recovery, then there are designated rehabs across the state called "Christian Rehabs". These Christian rehabs, provide the means for people to practice their faith inside inpatient rehabs while receiving the best care in the industry. In addition to Christian rehabs, there are also Jewish rehabs, holistic rehabs, and so much more.

One extra added element of comfort is being able to choose whether you stay at an all-female inpatient rehab or an all-male one as there are also gender based rehabs all across Delaware.

Whether you're suffering from addiction to opioid, heroin, oxy and all the way down to codeine addictions, there's an inpatient rehab facility for you.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Delaware

When it comes to rehab facilities not only in Delaware but across the United States in general, there is always talk about the more serious drugs like the ones just mentioned above. You hear a lot about the opioid crisis and the legalization of marijuana, but one serious illness that flies under the radar despite growing numbers of drunk driving accidents and more is alcohol dependence.

Everyday, someone dies from an accident involving drunk driving. Heart failure due to years of alcohol consumption is still a big problem not only in Delaware but across the United States. Domestic abuse cases are also on the rise in parts of the country and some of them statistically show that alcohol plays a hand. Because of all these grave facts, there is a growing concern over just how much alcohol plagues the addiction community. That's why there are numerous alcohol use treatment centers across Delaware today that provide programs specially designed to help those who suffer from alcohol addiction. These programs put an emphasis not only on detox from alcohol, but being able to relate to those who may suffer from the same thing. This is done through various therapy techniques such as the twelve-step program and more.

Long-Term, Residential Rehab in Delaware

There are always many hurdles when it comes to not only getting those who suffer from addiction to admit that they have a problem, but getting them to even think about rehab is a whole other issue all together. People historically have a tendency to find ways out of things that are painful or very time consuming. And in some cases, if not most cases, inpatient rehab in Delaware is both those things. When we say long-term rehab programs, it's mostly three types. These three types all have different characteristics and attributes that make them unique from one another. Each program length serves a different purpose in terms of providing specialized care. These programs fall under the 60-day initial program, the 90-day intermediary program, and finally for those who have the most severe addiction case and are prone to relapse: there is the 12-month or year-long residential rehab program. Again, each long term addiction treatment program is designed to provide a different method for patients because no two addictions are alike on the road to recovery. Everyone's path is different. That's what makes the rehab experience so special in different ways. Everyone comes out with a different experience.

Delaware 60-Day Rehab

The 60-day program is an introduction of sorts for those new to the rehab experience. Like any new setting that requires a lengthy stay, there are many little nuances to get used to. Just as any job or school has a culture, so does rehab and it takes some adapting and adjusting. The rehab way of life is far different from a life of addiction because the main goal is to shed the patient of addiction entirely. This can be a tremendously hard thing, especially for those who have never once tried to kick their addiction. When you first get to your selected program, whether you're staying at Christian rehab, a rehab for teens, or an all-male rehab, the first thing they make you do is establish a detox plan. This is often the hardest part for most and requires not only 24/7 supervision but also doctor's care. This isn't meant to punish the patient or create an unnerving space for them but rather this is the safest way to ensure that the body appropriately handles the detox in a safe way. You don't want to run the risk of shock or anything else. After detox, you can expect a variety of therapies that include individual one on one, to group therapy and more. Studies have shown that talking about these issues can make a big difference on the road to recovery from addictions to drug and alcohol.

Addiction Treatment in a 90-Day Rehab Program in Delaware

Addiction treatment in Delaware’s inpatient rehab facilities has both similarities and differences when it comes to individualized care. Detox is again one of the paramount things to expect when first arriving to your 90-day program, as it's always important to get the body away from the addiction as quickly and safely as possible. Everything after that is all about stabilization and maintenance. Once you develop that trained approach in rehab, it's far easier to maintain once you leave as well. That's why these longer programs are so successful. The more time you devote to the 90-day rehab program, the better chance you have at losing the desire to relapse. Unfortunately, there's always that chance, but what these 90-day addiction treatment programs seek to do is not only confront substance abuse but also all the behavioral issues that may be lying underneath the surface. 90-day drug rehab, as well as 90 day alcohol rehab programs also specialize in focusing on those issue by themselves, as you can check into an inpatient rehab in Delaware for things like obsessive compulsive disorder, gambling, sex addiction and so much more. The 90-day programs can be a beacon of light to those who have addictions that transcend substance abuse in different ways.

One Year Rehab Programs in Delaware

For those that require additional services and need more time than the 60-day and 90-day rehab programs offer, the state of Delaware also has many inpatient rehabs that offer full year programs. These programs are designed to give those suffering all the time they need to not only detox but take in all the required therapies and medications required to stay sober. They call it a road to recovery for a reason and that's because it really doesn't happen overnight. There will be many hard ups and downs that come with the journey. These longer in length programs serve as a place for those with addiction to safely experience those lows under the best care that the industry has to offer. An unsupervised low could lead to relapse, and relapses are known to happen relatively quickly right after leaving rehab, therefore sometimes, the longer the stay the better.

Luxury Rehab Centers in Delaware

Outside of Delaware's traditional rehabilitation programs, there are luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers designed to help those who want or need a high-end experience as they go through recovery stages. Some people may already be used to a luxurious life or some would like to spend the extra money simply to make rehabilitation the best experience. Delaware's luxury rehabs may at times remind you of a holiday resort. And inside, you're still getting the same top-notch treatment you'd get at any other rehab facility. But you're also getting some pool time, mansion feel, and giant gardens. With a Delaware luxury rehab to take your mind off your addiction, it can be the top choice for some. And if you can afford it, it may be for you too.

Cost of Rehab Centers in Delaware

When it comes to paying for rehab in Delaware, it can be pricey. And before deciding what to spend, it's important to understand just why even the most basic rehabs in Delaware come with a steep price tag. Outside of building costs, maintenance, and more, there comes also paying for staff salaries, medications, insurance, and a lot of other things. State and Federal funding can only cover so much for some of these rehabs that the cost has to fall down unfortunately on the ones that need admittance. Know that despite the high costs, depending on where you live in Delaware and what your income is, you may be eligible to qualify for either reduced treatment fees or free treatment entirely. On top of that, there are health insurance companies that offer help to pay for rehab as well.

The price range for patient care at an inpatient rehab in Delaware ranges from $2,500 to $30,000. The higher-end luxury resorts can go far beyond the $30,000 price tag.

Payment Options

As we mentioned, there are payment options that you must contact your city's offices to see if you qualify for. Below are a few health insurance companies that may offer assistance with payment for drug and alcohol rehab in Delaware, such as AHCCS, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware, and others.

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