Mission of Mercy (MOMS) Inc

Mission of Mercy (MOMS) Inc - Florence, AL

Located at 414 East Tuscaloosa Street in the 35630 zip code of Florence, AL, Mission Of Mercy Moms Inc stands as a dedicated addiction treatment center. This facility is overseen and operated by a reputable private non-profit organization, committed to guiding individuals towards recovery.

The center adopts a multifaceted approach to treatment, employing various strategies such as 12-step rehabilitation, rational emotive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing. These methodologies work synergistically to address the complex nature of addiction and facilitate lasting change.

Mission Of Mercy Moms Inc extends a range of comprehensive treatment options tailored to different needs. For those seeking flexibility, the center offers regular outpatient sessions, allowing individuals to maintain their daily routines while receiving essential care. Alternatively, a long-term rehab program provides more immersive support, fostering gradual yet profound recovery.

Intensive outpatient treatment services are also available, providing a structured yet adaptable approach to healing. Recognizing the challenges of reintegration, the center further provides options for sober living and residential treatment, nurturing a conducive environment for overcoming substance abuse.

The center's commitment encompasses a broad spectrum of addiction disorders. Beyond substance-related concerns, Mission Of Mercy Moms Inc extends its expertise to encompass general addiction disorder treatment, as well as specialized care for internet use disorder and gambling disorder.

Navigating the path to recovery can be a complex journey, but Mission Of Mercy Moms Inc stands as a steadfast ally in this pursuit. Through its tailored approaches, holistic strategies, and nurturing environment, individuals in Florence, AL, and beyond can find the support they need to embark on a transformative and lasting recovery journey.

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Address: 414 East Tuscaloosa Street, Florence, AL 35630

  1. Types of Care
  2. Service Settings
  3. Type of Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment
  4. Treatment Approaches
  5. Facility Ownership
  6. License/Certification/Accreditation
  7. Payment/Insurance/Funding Accepted
  8. Special Programs/ Population Groups Supported
  9. Assessment/Pre-treatment
  10. Screening & Testing
  11. Transitional Services
  12. Ancillary Services
  13. Other Addictions Treatment
  14. Counseling Services and Education
  15. Tobacco/Screening Services
  16. Facility Smoking Policy
  17. Age Groups Accepted
  18. Gender Accepted

Here are the full facility listing details on Mission of Mercy (MOMS) Inc in Florence, AL:

Types of Care:

  • halfway house
  • residential treatment for alcohol and drug use

Service Settings:

  • outpatient addiction treatment
  • long-term rehab
  • intensive outpatient treatment program
  • regular outpatient treatment
  • 60 and 90 day rehab program

Type of Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment:

  • Non-medication treatment for AUD

Treatment Approaches:

  • anger management
  • brief intervention
  • CBT
  • motivational incentives
  • community reinforcement
  • motivational interviewing
  • rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • relapse prevention treatment
  • substance use counseling approach
  • counseling for trauma victims
  • 12 step rehabilitation

Facility Ownership:

  • a private non-profit organization


  • State substance abuse agency
  • State department of health
  • State mental health department

Payment/Insurance/Funding Accepted:

  • Accepts Federal funding
  • Accepts self payment and cash

Special Programs/ Population Groups Supported:

  • residential rehab for adult women
  • in-patient rehab for adult males
  • rehab for seniors and older adults
  • rehab for LGBT clients
  • rehab for vets
  • active duty military
  • military families
  • judicial clients
  • co-occurring addiction and mental health treatment
  • HIV/AIDS clients
  • sexual abuse victims
  • domestic violence victims
  • people with trauma
  • co-occurring substance abuse plus pain treatment


  • Comprehensive substance use assessment
  • Interim services for clients
  • Outreach to persons in the community

Screening & Testing:

  • Drug or alcohol urine screening
  • HIV testing
  • Screening for Hepatitis C
  • Screening for substance use
  • STD testing
  • TB screening

Transitional Services:

  • Aftercare/continuing care
  • Discharge Planning
  • Outcome follow-up after discharge

Ancillary Services:

  • recovery management
  • domestic violence services
  • HIV early intervention
  • sober housing services
  • self-help groups
  • social skills development
  • transportation assistance
  • mentoring

Other Addictions Treatment:

  • treatment for non-substance use addiction disorder
  • treatment for gambling disorder
  • treatment for internet use disorder

Counseling Services and Education:

  • counseling for individuals
  • counseling for groups
  • counseling for families
  • counseling for couples
  • substance use education
  • hepatitis education, counseling and support
  • HIV/AIDS counseling
  • health education services
  • employment counseling services
  • educational support

Tobacco/Screening Services:

  • Smoking/tobacco cessation counseling

Facility Smoking Policy:

  • Smoking permitted in designated area

Age Groups Accepted:

  • accepts adults
  • accepts young adults

Gender Accepted:

  • rehab center for women
  • rehab center for men

Phone #: 256-712-2020

Are you or a loved one in need of addiction treatment?
Call (888) 779-5650 to get help 24/7.


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