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ALR Sober Life - Bessemer, AL

Nestled within the heart of Bessemer, Alabama, Alr Sober Life emerges as a distinguished beacon of support and transformation for individuals grappling with the complexities of addiction. Ideally situated at 1520 2nd Avenue North, enveloped by the embrace of the 35020 zip code, this establishment stands as a sanctuary of healing, offering an expansive spectrum of services meticulously designed to guide individuals towards triumphant recovery.

Distinguished by its unwavering commitment to fostering recovery, Alr Sober Life radiates promise through its array of specialized treatment programs that cater to the diverse needs of each individual seeking solace within its walls. These programs, crafted with both expertise and empathy, serve as lighthouses illuminating the path towards a life unburdened by the chains of addiction.

Yet, Alr Sober Life's benevolent influence extends beyond the boundaries of its treatment programs. Recognizing the importance of a holistic healing journey, the center extends its reach to provide halfway houses and sober housing options. These sanctuaries of stability not only offer a secure haven for those navigating their way through recovery but also lay the foundation for a community of shared experiences and mutual support.

The strategic placement of Alr Sober Life in the heart of Bessemer, Alabama is a testament to its unyielding dedication to accessibility and inclusivity. A mere address becomes a symbolic compass, guiding both local inhabitants and those from neighboring regions towards the doors of transformation. The center's geographical presence transcends being a mere location; it becomes a statement that recovery is not bound by distance or circumstance—it is a beacon attainable for all who seek it.

In a world where the shadows of addiction can often seem daunting, Alr Sober Life stands as a radiant light, illuminating the path to recovery, redemption, and rediscovery of one's true self. Through its strategic location, comprehensive services, and unwavering commitment, it embodies the promise that a sober life is not only an aspiration but an attainable reality for all who embark on this profound journey of healing.

Call (888) 779-5650 for 24/7 help with treatment.


Address: 1520 2nd Avenue North, Bessemer, AL 35020

  1. Types of Care
  2. Facility Smoking Policy

Here are the full facility listing details on ALR Sober Life in Bessemer, AL:

Types of Care:

  • halfway and sober housing

Facility Smoking Policy:

  • Smoking permitted in designated area

Phone #: 205-789-7634

Call (888) 779-5650 for 24/7 help with treatment.