TLCS Inc - Sacramento, CA

Nestled within the heart of Sacramento, CA, Tlcs Inc stands as a prominent addiction treatment center, situated precisely at 650 Howe Avenue, Building 400, easily accessible within the 95825 zip code. Spearheaded by the local administration, this center serves as a vital resource in aiding individuals on their journey to recovery.

The methodologies employed at Tlcs Inc encompass a range of effective approaches tailored to meet the diverse needs of those seeking assistance. These methodologies include motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and a holistic substance use counseling approach. By combining these proven techniques, Tlcs Inc strives to foster lasting positive changes in the lives of its clients.

Tlcs Inc's commitment extends beyond its comprehensive treatment strategies. The center offers a spectrum of care options to ensure that each individual's requirements are met with precision. For those seeking flexibility, regular outpatient treatment and outpatient rehabilitation are available, allowing individuals to maintain their daily routines while receiving the necessary support. Additionally, Tlcs Inc provides the option of residential addiction treatment and inpatient care for those grappling with dual diagnoses, ensuring a holistic and tailored path to recovery.

As a beacon of assistance within the Sacramento community, Tlcs Inc continues to stand as an invaluable asset for individuals seeking to overcome the challenges of addiction. Its strategic location and comprehensive range of treatments solidify its role as a pivotal player in the realm of addiction recovery.

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Address: 650 Howe Avenue, Building 400, Sacramento, CA 95825

  1. Types of Care
  2. Service Settings
  3. Type of Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment
  4. Pharmacotherapies
  5. Treatment Approaches
  6. Facility Ownership
  7. License/Certification/Accreditation
  8. Payment/Insurance/Funding Accepted
  9. Special Programs/ Population Groups Supported
  10. Assessment/Pre-treatment
  11. Screening & Testing
  12. Transitional Services
  13. Ancillary Services
  14. Counseling Services and Education
  15. Facility Smoking Policy
  16. Age Groups Accepted
  17. Gender Accepted

Here are the full facility listing details on TLCS Inc in Sacramento, CA:

Types of Care:

  • residential drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  • inpatient treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and mental health diagnosis

Service Settings:

  • outpatient rehabilitation
  • regular outpatient treatment

Type of Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment:

  • Non-medication treatment for AUD


  • Medications for psychiatric disorders

Treatment Approaches:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • motivational interviewing
  • relapse prevention treatment
  • counseling for substance abuse

Facility Ownership:

  • the local government


  • State substance abuse agency
  • State mental health department

Payment/Insurance/Funding Accepted:

  • Accepts Federal funding
  • Accepts Medicaid

Special Programs/ Population Groups Supported:

  • residential rehab for adult women
  • rehab for postpartum women
  • in-patient rehab for adult males
  • rehab for seniors
  • rehab for LGBT
  • rehab for vets
  • military families
  • judicial clients
  • co-occurring addiction and mental health treatment
  • HIV/AIDS clients
  • sexual abuse victims
  • domestic violence victims
  • people with trauma
  • people with co-occurring pain plus substance use


  • Comprehensive mental health assessment
  • Comprehensive substance use assessment

Screening & Testing:

  • Screening for mental disorders
  • Screening for substance use

Transitional Services:

  • Aftercare/continuing care
  • Discharge Planning

Ancillary Services:

  • case management
  • mental health services
  • transportation assistance

Counseling Services and Education:

  • individual counseling
  • counseling for groups
  • counseling for families
  • substance use education

Facility Smoking Policy:

  • Smoking permitted in designated area

Age Groups Accepted:

  • adult rehab
  • accepts young adults over 18

Gender Accepted:

  • rehab center for women
  • rehab center for men

Phone #: 916-993-4131

Are you or a loved one in need of addiction treatment?
Call (888) 779-5650 to get help 24/7.


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